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When you hire The Law Office of Arianna M. Mendez, PLLC, you choose a firm that puts your needs first. Perseverance is a central pillar of my practice, and I am committed to helping you overcome any obstacles – including an unfavorable decision in a civil litigation trial.

As a Hialeah, FL appellate lawyer, I am committed to helping you explore all available appeals strategies. I am an aggressive civil litigator that is also familiar with the intricacies of Florida’s appellate law. No matter the circumstances of your case, I can help you identify and implement all possible remedies for moving forward. I handle each case with the utmost integrity, and I will always be honest and transparent about the odds of success in pursuing any given course of action.

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How Civil Appeals Work in Florida

When you receive an unfavorable verdict in a civil case that you believe to be fundamentally incorrect unfair, it is perfectly understandable to want to explore every available legal option. Pursuing a formal appeal in a civil matter involves reviewing the decisions made by the trial court to determine if any errors, mistakes, or misinterpretations impacted the outcome of the case. 

It is important to understand that filing an appeal does not involve relitigating a matter already decided in court. The appeals process does not involve reinterviewing witnesses, presenting new evidence, or pursuing new arguments. It exclusively reviews what happened in the preceding trial.

As a Hialeah, FL appellate attorney, I can serve as your guide and advocate throughout the appeals process. Successfully pursuing an appeal requires carefully following complex appellate procedures. Making avoidable mistakes can result in a case’s premature dismissal. 

If you intend to file an appeal, you must also act quickly. In many cases, a Notice of Appeal must be submitted to the appropriate Clerk of the Court within 30 days of the original verdict. This deadline is typically strictly enforced, and you will most likely not be able to pursue an appeal if you file after this date.

After a Notice to Appear has been filed, you will need to procure a copy of the case record and transcript. You will need to submit a written statement, called a brief, that explains what legal error was made in the preceding trial and how that decision affected the case’s outcome. This brief must be carefully formatted and include certain elements in order to be considered. I am familiar with how to prepare appellate briefs and can work to craft a compelling argument.

The other party in an appeal will also have an opportunity to file a brief. Their document will argue how the court made the appropriate decision and why the verdict should not be reversed. 

Most appeals will be adjudicated by the District Court of Appeal. Three judges will be appointed to review and decide your case. They will use the appellate briefs and case record to make a decision. 

The District Court of Appeal may choose to reverse the lower court’s verdict on the merits of an appellate brief’s arguments. It may also choose to affirm the lower court’s ruling, which means the original verdict stands. There are some cases where the District Court of Appeal can reverse a verdict and remand the case back to the lower court for reconsideration.

If an appellate court still appears to have made some mistake or oversight in the handling of your appeal, you may be able to petition for a rehearing. This can potentially trigger a second review of the appeal. In some very limited circumstances, you may also be able to appeal your case to the Florida Supreme Court or even the Supreme Court of the United States. I can help you consider and pursue all available paths forward.


When Can I Appeal a Civil Verdict in Florida?

Not all civil verdicts are necessarily eligible for an appeal. Some type of error must have occurred in the preceding trial, and this mistake must have directly influenced the outcome. 

An appeal can generally be sought if there was an:

  • Error in the application of the law
  • Error in court procedure
  • Error in evidence

Some orders issued in civil cases are considered “final,” meaning they cannot be appealed, no matter what. Appeals filed after the 30-day deadline will also generally be dismissed. As a Hialeah, FL appellate lawyer, I can help evaluate your case and determine if it is a strong candidate for appeal. 

Litigation Support Services 

If you are currently in the process of litigating a civil matter and wish to augment your team, The Law Office of Arianna M. Mendez, PLLC can help. I can support pending and ongoing civil litigation efforts and am prepared to assist with your case however I can. I can also lead an appeal even if I did not handle the trial.

Contact me online or call (786) 442-2984 to explore your options for pursuing an appeal. 

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