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Fair elections form the foundation of our democracy. Each and every election must be conducted with the utmost integrity and with a commitment to protect the sanctity of the vote. Professional legal guidance can help resolve potential election-related issues and ensure all appropriate regulations are being followed.

As a Hialeah, FL election lawyer, I can help candidates, organizations, and local governments navigate matters of voting rights, ballot measures, and election finance. I can leverage my extensive knowledge and deep understanding of election law to identify legal solutions designed to achieve your unique objectives. I am committed to serving your needs and will handle your case with the honesty, transparency, and dedication it deserves. 

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Our Election Law Practice Areas

I am available to counsel clients in a wide variety of election-related matters throughout a campaign cycle. I also regularly work to help clients address and resolve conflicts and issues that arise over the course of the election or post-election processes. 

As a Hialeah, FL election attorney, I can assist you with:

  • Election Finance. Funding related to candidacies and ballot measures remains heavily regulated at the federal and state level. I can help clients and organizations interpret and comply with Federal Election Commission and relevant Florida Statutes regulations governing campaign financing. I can work to ensure you understand and meet all disclosure requirements and public spending lending limits.
  • Voting Rights. Rules regulating how and when someone can vote are constantly changing throughout the country, and the state of Florida is no exception. American citizens have the right to vote, and I am committed to protecting that right. I can help individuals and organizations interpret new and forthcoming initiatives that impact voting rights. I can also serve as your advocate if you believe your right to vote has been violated.
  • Redistricting. Florida’s state legislature is responsible for redrawing both congressional and state legislature district lines. The redistricting process occurs following the release of the federal U.S. Census every 10 years. Federal and state laws regulate how redistricting must be completed and are subject to the Florida Supreme Court’s approval. I am familiar with this area of the law and can help Florida governments and agencies interpret these regulations and ensure all proposed districts are contiguous.
  • Candidate Nomination. Running for any elected post is an exciting endeavor, but mounting a candidacy can be overwhelming and confusing depending on the amount of regulation and red tape involved. I can advise on local municipality campaign regulations to help prospective candidates understand what is required of them. I can guide candidates through each step of the nomination process to ensure they are in compliance with all rules as they enter their races.
  • Campaign Regulation. There are also numerous rules governing how campaigns must (and must not) be facilitated. I can counsel individual candidates, organizations, and local governments on how to remain in compliance.
  • Election Procedures. Elections are inherently complex mechanisms with numerous moving parts. Government employees and volunteers are both generally involved in any given election, and care must be taken to ensure that the voting process is conducted fairly and in compliance with all relevant regulations. I can advise agencies and organizations on all types of election procedures.
  • Ballot Security. To avoid raising issues of election integrity, all ballots must be carefully and securely handled in compliance with all local rules. I can advise local governments, organizations, and candidates on how ballots must be transported, stored, and counted in their districts.
  • Recounts. Florida law stipulates that a machine recount must occur when an election margin is equal to or lower than 0.5% of total votes. In instances where the election margin is equal to or lower than 0.25% of total votes, a manual recount of over/under votes must be conducted. Recounts are automatic and cannot be requested in Florida, but they must be conducted promptly and in compliance with all state regulations. I can help government agencies and organizations interpret and understand these rules.
  • Recalls. Recall efforts are permissible in the state of Florida under certain conditions. In most cases, an official must be elected to serve the governing body of a municipality or charter county in order to be eligible for recall. They must also have served at least one-fourth of their term. Florida is one of several states that requires a specific ground for recall. The state currently recognizes “malfeasance, misfeasance, neglect of duty, drunkenness, incompetence, permanent inability to perform duties, and convictions of a felony involving moral turpitude” as justifiable grounds. I can advise organizations on how recalls function in Florida, determine whether an elected official is eligible for recall, and advise on what steps must be taken.
  • Election Disputes. While Florida candidates cannot initiate recounts, there may be situations where apparent irregularities or other significant issues appear to threaten the validity of an election result. There may also be situations where another candidate, organization, or poll worker appears to violate some element of federal or Florida election law. As a Hialeah, FL election lawyer, I can help you explore your legal options when these types of conflicts and disputes arise.

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